Teresa Syms
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Forever grateful!

Do you want a quick fix, or lasting results?  We all know trauma creates many layers and levels of pain.  It can be easy to find the top layers, but digging deep to find the underlying issues takes much more work.  With Teresa Syms, you are in good hands, and she lets you know you are not alone.  She has hands on experience with trauma, as she has walked this path before.  Together, she will help you bring the pain to the surface and encourage you to release it.  If you want a break-through that will totally transform your life, I would recommend checking her out.  She will help you peel back the painful layers and take you to the place you need to be to discover the truly incredible you!  I know, because this is exactly what she did for me.  I will be forever grateful!

Dawn L
Testimonial for Teresaas a Coach

An amazing way

I was honored to be interviewed by Teresa Syms on the Divas That Care Network.  Teresa has an amazing way of making her guests feel as comfortable as if we were having a casual conversation in her living room.  No matter how much I prepare, I always feel a bit nervous when being interviewed and I am so grateful for Teresa’s experience in getting the conversation to flow in a natural, comfortable way.  She asks pertinent, well thought out questions and I felt like I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t have going into the interview.  Thank you Teresa for your warm, candid, intelligent interview manner.

Janet Bentley
Author, Founder and Executive Director of Courageous Survivors & Show Up For Children
Testimonial for Teresaas a Podcast Host

What a joy!

Last week I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Teresa Syms on the “Divas that Care” network. Since meeting her two years ago we found a lot of common ground. Before the interview we got the chance to catch up on what we’ve been up to, and some general chit-chat. What a joy! Then she told me we were going to start the interview. I can honestly say the interview didn’t feel much different than our friendly conversation. There is such an ease speaking with Teresa. She formulates some of the best questions I’ve ever heard. She is also full of compassion and understanding. We agree that we’ve told our stories to help other people. I know that speaking with Teresa as a friend and an interviewer is a powerful experience. I will look forward to hearing the interview when it airs. I will be interested if it sounds as laid back as it felt. Thank you Teresa for being in my life!

Roberta Brown
Author: "THE SHOULDING A Story of Resilience and Hope."
Testimonial for Teresaas a Podcast Host

Such an honest look

Thank you for writing such an honest look at abuse through time. I am again sorry for all that you have been through and I applaud you for continuing to stand strong and giving back the way that you do. You are a beautiful soul. God Bless my friend.

Lisa Zarcone
Author, Advocate
Testimonial for Teresaas an Author

A very positive and encouraging experience

Thank you again for a very positive and encouraging experience at the retreat. I look forward to participating again!

“Teresa Syms is a qualified, professional Life Coach practicing in Woodstock, ON. Her unique ability to engage her clients with openness, honesty and care, make her well-suited to help ANY person achieve success in areas of their life needing personal growth and development”

“I recently attended a retreat facilitated by Life Coach Teresa Syms. The retreat addressed ‘one burning desire’ each participant had. This group of like minded individuals listened to one another and provided valuable feedback in a safe, nonjudgmental and positive environment. I gained a better understanding of my strengths, and tools to help me continue to grow personally and professionally. Thank you Teresa for a very special occasion”

Jenn Boyar
639 Casual Fine Dining
Testimonial for Teresaas a Seminar/Retreat Host