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Teresa Syms Coaching & Consulting

“Experience Change, Receive Clarity & Achieve Success”


Teresa Syms is a survivor of childhood abuse, neglect, sexual assault, spousal abuse, a near-death car accident, and in the last few years, a fall that fractured her back. 

Despite all the challenges throughout her life, Teresa made the conscious decision to not stay stuck in the trauma or drama that can be associated with her type of background.  Instead, she has risen up and decided to turn her life around.  She dug deep and used her internal strength to grow beyond what was and to look forward to what is and what is yet to come.  Her favourite saying is, “Your Past Does Not Define Your Present or Future.” 

Always one to search out solutions and find answers, Teresa found peace after writing her first book, A Century of Secrets.  Her freedom journey began and so did her life as a Personal Development Coach.  

Teresa now holds three Life Coaching Certifications, a certification in Motivational Interviewing, Assertiveness, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression, and Anxiety, and she hasn’t stopped there. She also is certified as a Breakthrough Point Assessment Evaluator and is embarking on a journey to become a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy.  

In her Coaching Practice, Teresa uses personal experience combined with her extensive education to teach people to find congruency in their work-life balance. Teresa believes that we need to explore what is keeping us stuck and a prisoner in our lives, and by implementing the strategies and techniques offered, her clients have discovered that they are more powerful than they ever believed.  Her clients have experienced powerful transformations and growth which have led to new careers, and better, stronger, and more meaningful relationships while gaining a deeper understanding of self.