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Teresa Syms Coaching

“Experience Change, Receive Clarity & Achieve Success”

Specializing in Personal Development Coaching, NLP and Time Line Therapy, and Breakthrough Point Assessment and Evaluations.

What People are Saying:

Amazing and inspirational story!

I had the opportunity to listen to Teresa Syms who is a Life Coach, Author and an Adult Survivor of Child Abuse, at our Oxford Women In Networking International Women’s Event.  Teresa’s story was captivating as she opened herself by telling about her struggles from childhood to after her debilitating accident.  Teresa has experienced the worst and has been able to rise to success, through determination and hard work.  An amazing and inspirational story!  Thank you for sharing!

Jane Ross
Allanti Beauty Institute
Testimonial for Teresaas a Speaker

A very powerful story

This is a very powerful story that gives you a clear picture of how family abuse repeats itself through the generations. That stigma, the dark cloud that follows far too many families through a time line of abuse, pain, deceit and deception with the children being the innocent victims. The author translated her story with great authenticity which keeps the reader emotionally invested from start to finish.

Lisa Zarcone
Author, Advocate
Testimonial for Teresaas an Author

My success today started because I took the first step in leading a better life

If someone were to look at me today, they would have no idea that a year ago I was in a really bad place and had been for a number of years. The thoughts running through my head were dark. I wasn’t sleeping. The pain in my shoulders ached constantly. My hands were shaky. I was constantly aggravated, tired, and worn out. I knew I needed help.

Teresa offered me that help and I  told myself that if I didn’t take it I would still be sitting on a sinking ship a year from now…and then what? I had  tried therapy, medication, vitamins, exercise, getting out more. NONE of it seemed to be working. Teresa helped me find myself again, my inner peace and helped me clear a path to my own happiness. I had no idea of the things I was holding in until she asked me some of the toughest questions that I have never even considered needed answering. If you’ve considered getting help, and you’ve tried what seems to be everything, but haven’t tried this, then what do you have to lose?

My success today started because I took the first step in leading a better life- I accepted help that I truly needed. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t met Teresa when I did, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.- William Jennings Bryan


Lauren F
Sales Consultant
Testimonial for Teresaas a Coach

I’m just beginning

“Wrote this morning for 1 hour – 1024 words and I’m just beginning. I feel like when I’m done I’ll have too much content and will have to do a lot of editing…. Will see where this process takes me.”

Testimonial for Teresaas a Coach

Amazing coach

“This is where I get to say what an amazing coach Teresa Syms is! Teresa gleans from a wide variety of teachings she has had, to meet my needs, intuitively, and honestly, while holding me accountable to the goals I set for myself. Thank you, Teresa!! You are a heart friend!”

Testimonial for Teresaas a Coach