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Pen2Published Author Program

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Have you ever wanted to write a book and become a self-published author?

The Pen2Published Author Program is designed to not only teach you to write your book but also walk you through a step by step self-publishing process. 

If you have a great book idea and would like to explore how you can become a published author, let’s talk today.

Take a few moments and answer the questions below:

  • Are you ready to write that book you have always dreamed of?
  • What is your greatest stumbling block when it comes to the project?
  • How many attempts have you taken?
  • What is the genre your book will fit into?
  • Are you familiar with Hypnotic Writing?
  • What size book do you think your book will be?
  • Have you ever been coached before?
  • Are you open to new ideas?
  • Are you ready to commit to this project?
  • Why do you want to write and publish?
  • Who is your book for?

If you are ready to write your book, click the button below: