Improved my life in so many ways

In just the 4 short weeks we have been working together, this coaching has improved my life in so many ways.  Making changes to patterns that have been set for over 30 years is very challenging, but you have given me strategies that, at first, seemed so simple that I questioned their effectiveness.  But I worked on them and continue to use them everyday – the impact they have had on my life is incredible.  I feel less ‘heavy’ less ‘lost’ and more positive – my vibrancy is getting stronger and my confidence is boosting.  The work isn’t done yet, and that’s the best part!!  Knowing that there is even more to come is so exciting.
After speaking with my friend about her experience with you – I contemplated contacting you for over a year.  Things got bad and I was feeling more and more lost and my behaviour was becoming reckless.  I started to think about getting in touch with you – a week later I was in Beantown getting a coffee and I looked up at their string of business cards and you were there staring back at me – I knew the universe was giving me a sign!
The only regret I have, is not contacting you sooner!!