Sterling Silver Coaching
Sterling Silver Coaching

Teresa Syms

Life Empowering & Emotional Strengths Building Coach




Hello, I am Teresa Syms, Founder of Sterling Silver Coaching.

Sterling Silver Coaching is a Professional Coaching Service. As a Life Empowerment and Assertiveness Coach, I offer my clients programs that have solid foundations in both personal and professional growth and development.

Using the Achieve Today foundational methods of successful coaching, I assist my clients in crushing those obstacles in life that have left them stuck. My specialty is in empowering women to take back their lives; support people who have experienced serious trauma and face Chronic Pain daily; encourage victims of spousal and childhood abuse and inspire young women who are experiencing image issues.

Sterling Silver Coaching has adopted the rose as its symbol. The rose’s beauty, complexity, endurance, and strength takes a place of honour in my garden every year. Each layer or petal of a rose is similar to the layers of our lives and experiences. To grow, develop and discover the beauty that is held within, we peel back the outer petals that are fading or falling away to expose and show our true hearts that lie deep within the centre.

Watering the rose, feeding it good fertilizer and pruning off the unwanted old buds, brings forth strength and glorious beauty, for all to see and applaud.

The old petals and spent roses are our limiting beliefs. Gently remove them and you stand proud and strong!

Achieve Today

At Achieve Today, our goal is to create an elite group of people that are passionate about helping others clear the blocks and limiting beliefs of their minds. Our coaches are trained by coaches that have created amazing results in thousands of people’s lives. We use a proven process that will help take your life and your clients’ lives to the next level by looking at the root cause of the issues people are having and not just their symptoms.

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Assertiveness Coaching Certification

Doreen Virtue guides you to identify places in your life where you may have been dis-empowered—and to take back your power in a gentle and loving way. Overcome fears about being honest with yourself and those who matter in your life, and discover how to speak up. Then, learn the methods to teach these same skills to your clients! Doreen explains how to optimally help other people to be assertive, along with the fundamentals of setting up and marketing an assertiveness coaching practice.

Acacia Institute


Aspiring High Potential Leaders Certificate

The Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to develop business and leadership skills for women who are looking at getting into leadership roles in business.

What People Are Saying About Sterling Silver Coaching

“This is where I get to say what an amazing coach Teresa Syms is! Teresa gleans from a wide variety of teachings she has had, to meet my needs, intuitively, and honestly, while holding me accountable to the goals I set for myself. Thank you, Teresa!! You are a heart friend!” 

                                                                            Carrie Rose Douglas

“Teresa is an amazing woman to work with. She is both patient and supportive and I appreciate her gentle guidance as she consistently pushes me forward in my process at a pace that is not overwhelming for new authors. Her kindness and genuine desire to help her clients is evident from the very first point of contact.”
                                                                                                 Shelley Essery

“Thanks for a great coaching session today Teresa! I appreciate your honest approach, understanding and patience for my journey as a new author. At times the experience can be challenging but you keep holding me accountable and I’m thrilled with the direction my book is going because of this– you’re the best!” 

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