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Teresa Syms, Entrepreneur, Author, Aspiring Leader and Personal Empowerment Coach. 

After a devastating accident in 2007, Teresa was told her career was over.  Unwilling to accept this truth, she worked to rebuild her life, again. 

Beating the odds, she discovered her path was not in the corporate world of Human Resources and Finance.  Her destiny was pulling her towards her two passions:  writing and helping others. 

Determined to fulfill her destiny, she embarked on a journey of healing and discovery.  Her writing gave her the wings to conquer the traumas of her past and in her life-altering book, A Century of Secrets, she highlights the adversity, brutality and survival of herself and members of her family.

Teresa is proudly stepping into her bright future as an Author, Leader and Coach.  She is living proof that through courage, determination and strong belief, you can gift yourself a brilliant future. 

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A Century of Secrets is a multi-generational story of how one family’s struggle with abuse, personal identity and deep-seated family secrets has caused suicide, alcoholism and lasting family scars.

This book is one woman’s journey to uncover the lies, overcome adversity and finally set her soul free.

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Readers Favourite 5 Star
31 Women, 31 Survivors, 31 Stories of how we have championed over abuse.
31 Women, 31 Survivors, 31 Stories of how we have championed over abuse.

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Testimonials for A Century of Secrets

“Teresa. I finished the book in less than 48 hours. I couldn’t put it down. As we both know I spent my entire life in this town and knew both families but only as far back as your grandparents. I had not heard any of the stories beforehand I am appalled at the abuse you received at the hands of your parents, sister, husband and yes even your sons at times. Your strength throughout this lifelong ordeal is amazing. I can think of no one who would have endured what you did and yet you became a loving mother, granddaughter and wife. 
Thank heavens you do have guardian angels watching over you. They are protecting you and know that God is not yet ready for you. You will be rewarded when he is, for everything he has put you through and made you endure to becoming the strong-willed woman you are today. 
Thank you for writing this book and if it helps someone to come forward to get out of an abusive situation it will have been worth it. 
It could not have been easy for you to relive some of these instances. 
You truly deserve to be loved and to be happy and after reading this I think you now have both.”                                                          Debra Pierssens.

“It’s very easy to lay blame on your parents and I’m not siding with them but considering how your father saw his mother being treated by her husband he knew no different. But that doesn’t justify that it is right. Your grandmother suffered her own hell at the hands of her mother and step-father and then her husband. She too was an amazing woman with a strong will to survive. I am so happy that the two of you were able to spend time together the last ten years of her life. You are right that this story had to be told for the abuse to end. In the past, there was nowhere for you to go for help and no one would have believed you. It was easier to look the other way than get involved. No one would have believed you had you told them.”                         Debbie P.

“You’re Not Finished Here Yet!
That’s basically what her guardian angel said to her the night she tried to end her own life with alcohol and prescription pills…

“You’re Not Finished Here Yet!”
The pain and torment had gotten to be more than she could bare.
My authorship student, Teresa Syms, had faced a lifetime of abuse and neglect.
In fact, there was never a time that she can recall feeling safe in her own home let alone the world around her.
From the moment she was born she was unwanted, neglected, and abandoned.
Though she was raised in a home with two parents and a sibling, Teresa grew up feeling truly alone in the world.
And now, finally, she courageously tells her harrowing life story in her brand new book, “A Century of Secrets.”
Teresa’s new book is not only a testament of her courage and resilience in spite of daunting odds; it’s also proof that in as little as 12 weeks someone with no previous authorship experience can write and publish a life changing book.
In her book, Teresa reveals some of the proven strategies that she used to weather the darkest of physical and emotional storms.
You will be uplifted and inspired as she shares the life-saving words spoken to her by her guardian angel – “You’re Not Finished Here Yet.”
I don’t want to spoil the story. After all, it is Teresa’s story and it is best told in her new book “A Century of Secrets.”
Expect Miracles.   Love                           Joe Vitale

I just finished reading Teresa Syms Century of Secrets and cannot express enough how grateful I am for the courage it took to bare her soul and heart in this book. I could not put it down and I recommend it to anyone who has a desire to inspired. Thank you Teresa. You are a gift. ❤️      Janet Bentley

“This book will give hope to others suffering abuse that survival and happiness is possible.   “I am not finished here yet” can be their motto of strength!”                           Victoria Baird

“Absolutely loved it, had a difficult time putting the book down. Teresa’s tone made me want to learn more and understand more of what happened.
Abuse and Family. My own family life was great until a certain point and then everything went downhill. I realized that what I endured wasn’t as bad as what others have had to endure.
YES!!! This work opened my eyes about family problems that I was unaware of, whether it was in my family or because I must have been very naive or just wasn’t plain aware. I am sure I have friends and relatives that would feel the same way or experienced some of the same situations and it is unfair to them and their family. I can only hope that Teresa’s book is passed on to those that need to know they are Not Alone!”      Tina L. Yoder

“A Century of Secrets is a must read!! I could not and did not put this book down. Teresa has shared the secrets of her family and I know she will inspire many others to find the strength within as she did. The stories were mesmerizing, as generation after generation fought to survive. I am so glad Teresa continuously fought the demons and dug so very deep to carry on, most of all I am glad that she and Don have found each other.
This book will always be on my bookshelf and I will proudly recommend it for many years to come.”                               Lori Roloson

“Her story is true life and may help someone else in ways they may not know or at least bring awareness to family domestics.”

How A Century of Secrets affected Christine:

“Teresa’s story of abuse…because I know her personally. I kept wanting to tell her to “get away,” “Leave him.” Also very sad and angry with how her boys treat her.”

How the book made Christine feel: “Sad, happy, frustrated, in awe to name a few.”

                                                                                                                                           Christine Smith

“A must read for all women who have suffered from the devastating effects of abuse, adversity and trauma.

Teresa Syms brings truth to her generational lies and proves through courage, strength and determination, you can take back your power and live a life of success and peace.”

Brenda Halloran, Former Mayor of Waterloo, Ontario, and Founder of Brenda Halloran, Inc.

I have had the privilege of coaching Teresa through writing this book.  I know that this book was incredibly healing for her and it will be healing to the people that read it and feel the energy of this powerful book.  If you are feeling stuck or struggling in your life read this book!  You will be forever grateful that you did!

Adam Mortimer

“A Century of Secrets takes you on a complex journey of secrets and lies, trials, shame and devastation, all the while demonstrating the resilience of the human spirit. As each generation perseveres, this captivating tale will keep you riveted – you won’t want to put it down!”

Anne Miner, CEO Dunvegan Group; Host of Encouraging Leadereship

“A Century of Secrets is a story of triumph over generational cycles and abuse. Teresa tells her peronal story and the story of her family in a way that is clear and engaging which makes for a very captivating read. Anyone who has experienced the suffering and shame of abuse will be empowered and uplifted by the end of this book.”

Gregory Downey, The GREATitude Coach and author of Attracting Miracles and My Secret Life as a Miracles Coach

Readers' Favourite 5 Star Review

A Century of Secrets by Teresa Syms is a gripping story of a family, covering its history over a century and the main players that have given it the visage it has. Readers are introduced to a character who has been through a lot of pain because of the lies, abuses, dark secrets, and intrigue played out in her family over the period of a century. The story explores the conflicts, the deceptions, and the protagonist’s struggle to redefine herself and reconquer her inner freedom. Here is a story that many readers will relate to, the story of a family with its own struggle to function normally. 

The reader will be surprised at the honesty of the narrator whose voice comes across powerfully. Teresa is a character that readers will love to know better because she carries in her a pain that many people bear in silence. But how she overcomes depression, finds her voice, and stands up for herself is a lesson that will speak volumes to readers. Just after describing a horrible scene in which the protagonist gets violated by a medical doctor, the narrator notes that: “Teresa’s life was a tortured hell without her love. She became moody and very depressed.” The writing is beautiful, featuring powerful and vivid descriptions that allow the reader to clearly imagine the scenes, the characters, and the action. It is well paced and Teresa Syms has succeeded in getting the reader interested in following the characters. A Century of Secrets is a story that powerfully documents what repression and abuse in the family setting can lead to; it’s a courageous story that explores freedom and the determination to create a life of meaning. Highly entertaining! 

Readers' Favourite 5 Star Review

In an intriguing and extremely riveting true account of the life of one family, A Century of Secrets by author Teresa Syms is a story that will keep readers obsessively turning the pages from the start all the way through until the very end. Following the story of Teresa’s own family all the way from the year 1911 through multiple generations, readers will learn of her family’s struggle with abuse and identity, and how those struggles led to alcoholism, suicide and a deeply wounding legacy. The author recounts her personal struggles and journey in dealing with her family relationships, and her desire to overcome her past in order to live a more productive and healing future. Will Teresa be able to break through the negativity she has lived with since her childhood in order to become the person she wants and deserves to be? You’ll need to read the book to find out.

Wow. Just, wow. How’s that for a review? Well, it is definitely how I felt about A Century of Secrets. Author Teresa Syms has done a wonderful job in recounting her painful past, with what is obviously a strong desire to provide guidance for others who may be dealing with similar situations in their own lives. Her courage in sharing this difficult story does not go unnoticed. Any reader who is looking for a good non-fiction book with a message of hope for those coming from very difficult family situations should absolutely read this book. I am very pleased to be able to highly recommend A Century of Secrets, and hope that author Teresa Syms will continue to write. I, for one, will keep my eyes open for the next work by this promising author.

Readers' Favourite 5 Star Review

Based on real life stories, A Century of Secrets by Teresa Syms is a riveting family saga, a multi-generational story that uncovers the lies, the deep-seething hurts, abuses, and horrors experienced in one family over many generations. Starting with the birth of a beautiful young girl on February 2, 1891 in Koolscamp, Belgium, the author takes readers on a family odyssey that covers many decades, a story that ends with a fifty-something-year-old Teresa. Take the journey with the protagonist as she digs deep into her family history to face its reality and to answer the troubling questions that have been with her over many years. Read to discover how she stood up against an enforced pattern that has caused a lot of suffering in her family. In this story, she will show readers the dangers of keeping family skeletons in the closet, and how we can be conditioned to give our freedom away just so easily. 

It takes a lot of courage to face the truth. It takes an even greater courage to face one’s truth, and therein lies the secret to real freedom. Teresa Syms possesses this courage. Apart from that, she has the clarity of thought that will wow her readers. She writes with simplicity and her voice comes across powerfully, brutally honest. Readers will enjoy the protagonist, the way she develops, and her decision to change the status quo. A Century of Secrets could be the story of one family, but it is one that reflects the reality taking place in many of our families. I enjoyed the way the author articulated the different themes in the story, especially brotherhood, family intrigue, suffering, and redemption. This is a well-written story with powerful lessons for readers of this era. In these pages, the reader will find the secret to freedom, to real inner freedom. 

Readers' Favourite 5 Star Review

A Century of Secrets by Teresa Syms took me a little time to read, but at the end I’m glad I read it. It is not often that you come across a piece of art that you can connect with, and this book is not something that I will forget any time soon. This book is the story of Teresa and how she fought the odds and came out a little bruised and battered, but still a winner. This is the story of Teresa trying to find herself, her soul, and her inner courage to restart her life. 

Teresa faced a terrible accident and her career almost ended. However, she refused to accept that. She was ready to fight for herself. With this determination settled in her mind, she brought her passion for writing to life. She discovers that as long as she is writing and helping other people, she is happy. But it is not all well; she has to fight, claw and crawl out of the despair of everything happening in her life and in the lives of the people around her before she can find true happiness. But she is on the right path and she is not giving up! Not yet! Not ever!

I am in awe of Teresa Syms’ courage and her belief in herself and her abilities. Even with a traumatic past trying to hold her back, she did not give up. I absolutely loved the way she wrote this book. Her writing style is very refreshing. It connects with the reader. I could actually imagine everything inside my brain, I could form pictures, and I could feel what she was feeling. This is a very good book and I absolutely loved the cover as well. Brilliant.

Readers' Favourite 5 Star Review

A Century of Secrets is an ambitious endeavour, but one that author Teresa A Syms believes is worth the effort and the time it no doubt took to write this 470-page book. It’s ambitious in that it is a combination of memoir and biography, in which Teresa details the difficult lives of several generations of her female predecessors. Hence the title, A Century of Secrets. Most of these women were the victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse, and the prevalence of incest over that 100 years guaranteed secrecy, shame and denial on all levels of the families. Essentially all the women put up and shut up, because that’s what women were expected to do. 

Readers don’t actually meet the most important person in this book, the author herself, until a quarter of the way into the narrative. When we meet Teresa Syms, she’s just been born with two club feet. It’s a difficult physical entry into her world, but as her father points out, she’s a fighter. And fight she does for most of her childhood, teen and young adult years. She stands up to hateful sibling abuse, endures violent parental mental and physical abuse, and refuses to crumble beneath spousal abuse. But her physical health is constantly threatened and it’s a wonder she doesn’t cave under years of physical pain and mental torture. I appreciate how much she endured: it was certainly a lot, especially health-wise, enough to break the strongest person. And of course, that’s what makes her book an achievement of which to be proud. Teresa Syms has had an intimate relationship with hardship, but she also knows that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. And that is the message of A Century of Secrets. 

Today, Teresa Syms is the Founder and Owner of Sterling Silver Coaching through which she “helps her clients shed their limiting beliefs and build strong emotional foundations.” She encourages them “to live the lives they deserve.” She also hosts a radio show titled “Powering Through Life” and there’s no question about it: Teresa Syms has powered through life. Her book, A Century of Secrets, may convince other abused women they can do the same. 


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