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Teresa Syms
Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Speaker, and Award-Winning Author
Professional Biography

Teresa Syms is a Lifeologist, Intuitive Life Coach and Award-winning International Author.

For many years, Teresa has guided friends, family and clients through the process of taking a hard, honest look deep within themselves, to cause a reawakening of their dreams that provides the necessary healing to manifest success in life.

Teresa draws from a rich knowledge and foundation from true life experience, education and certifications in Human Resources, Assertiveness, Life Coaching and NLP.

Through proven action plans designed to manifest healing, growth and success, Teresa walks her clients through their Limiting Beliefs, Fear and Doubt, and clearly demonstrates that a brilliant future is theirs to be had. She is a champion for her clients and encourages everyone to break free of the silence and fear that prevents their true growth.

Personal Journey

Is it possible to survive a life-time of violence and neglect?  Yes, it is, because I lived that life from birth.  When I was a little child and in pain or afraid; I couldn’t run to my parents for protection and love.  They were incapable of love.  You see, my parents were the problem and together with my sibling, were the main source of my tormented life.  Who could I go to for help?  Even my family doctor sexually assaulted me, but my mother insisted I go to him.  I began to wonder who in this world would protect me.  The answer I found was, no one

After turning to alcohol and prescriptive tranquilizers as a young teen, I found life was too horrible to live and I attempted suicide.  It was then I became aware of my Guardian Angel.  He saved my life and told me, “You’re not finished here yet.”

Struggling through a long-term marriage of neglect and emotional abandonment, I eventually found the courage to restart my life.  I became happy and fulfilled.  But eight months after I remarried, I faced death head-on in a car accident.  Once again I heard,  “You’re not finished here yet.”

I have heard these words whispered into my heart and soul all my life but didn’t understand what they meant.  What am I supposed to do with my life?  Why was I saved? 

Years later, as I struggled with my purpose while living in a body that has been battered, broken and nearly destroyed, I discovered what the Angel was telling me.  I had been given gifts and it is time to share.