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Teresa Syms, Champion of Change

Gold Level Life Empowering &
Assertiveness  Coach

Host of Powering Through Life

Sterling Silver Coaching is a Professional Coaching Service. 
As a Gold Leven Life Empowerment, and Assertiveness Coach, I offer my clients programs that have solid foundations in both personal and professional growth and development, assertiveness, and NLP.

I champion those who have experienced abuse and trauma, to break free from the silence and fear and into a future filled with courage and strength. 

Using the Achieve Today foundational certification methods of successful coaching, assertiveness certification coaching, and NLP Certification training, I assist my clients in overcoming those obstacles in life that have left them stuck and prevent them from moving forward in their success. 

I specialize in empowering people to take back their lives; support people who have experienced serious trauma or face Chronic Pain daily; I encourage victims of spousal and childhood abuse and inspire young women who are experiencing image issues by removing old programs that keep us trapped.

One aspect of your life can overflow and affect your personal life, family life or happiness.

Let’s connect today!  Together we can change the patterns, deflate and devalue your limiting beliefs and move you towards your most brilliant future.



What people are saying about Teresa Syms

  • "I just had a fantastic coaching time with Teresa Syms!
    Teresa's encouragement keeps me focused, and challenges me to be productive in my chosen paths.
    I am thankful for Teresa's intuitive awareness."...

    Carrie Rose Douglas

    "Thank you for all of your encouragements, Teresa Syms! I had a terrific session with you yesterday! I'm doing my personal challenges right now!"



    "This is where I get to say what an amazing coach Teresa Syms is! Teresa gleans from a wide variety of teachings she has had, to meet my needs, intuitively, and honestly, while holding me accountable to the goals I set for myself. Thank you, Teresa!! You are a heart friend!"

    "Wrote this morning for 1 hour - 1024 words and I'm just beginning. I feel like when I'm done I'll have too much content and will have to do a lot of editing.... Will see where this process takes me."


“I’m very happy with our sessions. I found you very easy to trust and the sound of your voice was very nurturing. You were very accommodating with all of our schedules and payments by agreeing to do payments which of course made it easier and more convenient and it helped me trust you more. 

I feel as though I’ve learned so much about myself and am confident the impact you’ve made on me has changed my life completely and for that I am very thankful. 

I’ve already recommended you to a friend.

I found My path was most clear when I was honest with myself which I feel lucky to be able to find as most are not so fortunate.”